A Message from NGE’s Chairman

It’s no secret that some of the smartest investors in the world are betting on the development of highly efficient methods of growing food in smaller places. People like George Soros, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have all added farmland to their portfolios.

Here’s what they know. The world’s population is increasing exponentially while our farmland is rapidly disappearing. The result will be a dramatic increase in the cost of food. However, there are methods of farming that can help feed a hungry planet while generating profit for forward-thinking investors. Farmland is like Gold with a coupon.

Special Moringa Report

Welcome to the Special Moringa Edition of New Global Energy’s Fish & Farm Report.  The Fish & Farm Report is a bi-monthly publication available exclusively on this website as part of our commitment to keeping our investors and friends up-to-date on the latest news related to global trends and discoveries in the areas of sustainable seafood, agriculture and consumer health.


“This edition focuses exclusively on the superfood Moringa, which is known as the Tree of Life or the Miracle Tree.  Moringa Oleifera is a fast-growing, climate tolerable and profitable crop that flourishes at New Global Energy’s farms in California’s Coachella Valley,” said CEO Perry D. West.  

Moringa Report...

AquaFarming Tech in the News

Leading industry magazine IntraFish profiled New Global Energy's AquaFarming Tech in its latest issue and spotlighted its fast track growth. Aquaculture is growing faster than any other agriculture segment and the Company is well positioned to profit from expansion of its tilapia and shrimp operations.

Aqua Farming Tech operates 120 acres of tilapia farms in the Palms Desert in the Coachella Valley and is looking to take advantage of increasing demand and expand its operations by capacity and species.